James Arthur’s Manhunt

James Arthur’s name pops up several times when taking stock of the last two decades of guitar ugliness. The Necessary Evils. Fireworks. A Feast of Snakes. Beguiled. The Golden Boys. AAAA Memphis Legs. When all the dust clears, however, James’ Austin-based Manhunt might be the project of his that is most often mentioned in hushed tones. There’s Hawkwind / Groundhogs allusions (some more blatant than others) but there’s nothing remotely tribute-y about this band. When they’re on, they’re one of the nation’s best. When they’re not, I still feel sorry for anyone who tries to follow ’em. Following a 2010 LP for Aarght! and a 2011 7″ for In The Red, a long-awaited 2nd album is due on 12XU in 2013.
D.McGlugglug, Walthamstow, UK