Drew Schmitz – guitar/vocals, Alison Goodman – drums/vocals, Dustin Pillkington – bass

‘Negative World’ ; the long awaited debut LP from a trio who’ve left much damage (if not warped copies of ‘Damaged’) in their wake over the past two years. In the case of Austin, TX’s CRUDDY, a prior 7″, a cassette and a song on the Casual Victim Pile II comp. were barely sufficient warning for a resulting debut LP that stacks up really well alongside ‘Fake Train’, ‘Vs.’, or ‘Shovel’. Featuring current or not-so-current members of Uppers, Serious Tracers, Total Abuse and Best Fwends (hey, just because something is factually correct doesn’t mean it isn’t wildly misleading),’Negative World’ was recorded by The Young’s Hans Zimmerman (with Anthony Davis), and includes a cover of the Suicide Commandos’ “Burn It Down”