Coming April 29 : Water Damage – ‘Repeater’

by 12XUadmin on January 21, 2022

photo by Angela Betancourt

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Water Damage – ‘Repeater’ (12XU 133-1)
out April 29, 2022

There is something really special about music based on drones. Whether it’s the vocals of Pandit Pran Nath, the ARP 2500 of Eliane Radigue, or the nearly-blown amps of Sunn O))), by changing the listeners’s focus on details to one that favors flow, drones are uniquely capable of transporting our brains far far away. The debut LP, ‘Repeater’, by this loudly droning Austin septet is a goddamn splendid example of how the process works. Using the motto, “Maximal Repetition Minimal Deviation,” Water Damage create glowing fields of post-rock lava that pretty much suck you right in and boil you alive.

Water Damage, while technically a septet, actually operate in various configurations, with the proviso there should always be two drummers and two bass players on hand. They prefer if each of their sonic ideas takes up a whole reel of tape, and once they start they don’t look back. Everything proceeds towards an imaginary end point that is only achieved when the tape starts flapping. What a way to run a railroad!

But the folks in the band are all vets of various projects – Spray Paint, USA/Mexico, Marriage, Black Eyes, Thor & Friends, among others — so let’s assume they know what they’re doing. And why not? They sound fucking great. Their approach to the form is less front-loaded than most of their peers, and the surface of their sound is sometimes ruffled by aural events of an un-drone-like nature. But the main gush is usually a blend of harmonic tones and textures pointing towards a goal that is just out of
ear-shot, just over the next bluff, and perhaps forever just beyond our reach.

So remember to drink plenty liquid while you spin this fine album. Nobody wants you to parch.
–Byron Coley

photo by Angela Betancourt

Bass : Nate Cross
Bass : Jeff Piwonka
Bowed Guitar : Travis Austin
Drums : Thor Harris
Drums : Greg Piwonka
Drums : Mike Kanin
Synthesizer : George Dishner

Engineered and mixed by Max Deems at Diseased Tapes Billion Dollar Studio

Mastered by Carl Saff


Coming April 29 : Winged Wheel – ‘No Island’

by 12XUadmin on January 19, 2022

(stream “Monsella” / preorder ‘No Island’)

Winged Wheel – ‘No Island’ (12XU 134-1)

Winged Wheel is made up of four musicians whose worlds have intersected for years without them ever all being in the same room. Cory Plump (Spray Paint, Expensive Shit), Whitney Johnson (Matchess, Damiana), Fred Thomas (Tyvek, Idle Ray), and Matthew Rolin (Powers/Rolin Duo, solo) have been longtime participants in various d.i.y. communities, crossing each others’ paths through shared gigs, working on releases, or taking the stage at Cory’s small upstate NY bar. Each player has developed their own personal practice of improvisation and home-recording, and Winged Wheel began by chance when Cory asked Fred (drummer for Detroit summer punks Tyvek) to send over some rawly-recorded drum loops to jam over. Cory tracked rangy guitar and bass parts over these repetitive loops and songs slowly started taking shape. Matthew’s guitar layers took these foundations to a whole new level, and Whitney’s submerged vocal tracks solidified everything, elevating the project from a soup of partially formed ideas into something intelligible. The entire album was written, recorded, and mixed in remote collaboration, eventually turning into a balancing act of precisely arranging sonic details and maintaining the formless excitement the music began as. This paradoxical process can be heard in the final form of the album, a continuous zone that manages to be strange and amorphous while still carving out space for four distinctive musical personalities. It’s a sound that hovers and stumbles as often as it takes declarative turns in unexpected directions, the circles getting smaller the closer you zoom in.

Whitney Johnson
Cory Plump
Matthew J. Rolin
Fred Thomas

Lonnie Palmtree – Lap Stee / Sambago Bells on “Monsella”
Mastered by Mikey Young


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Saturday, January 19 : 12XU XXXMas Stare-At-A-Screen Special With Blank Hellscape, Chris Brokaw, John Sharkey III and Unholy Two

December 19, 2020

Later today,performances by Blank Hellscape, Chris Brokaw, John Sharkey III and Unholy Two, all filmed at remote locations in only the safest of methods. please consider a donation to Austin’s Casa Marianella. Replay on Saturday 12/26

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Coming January 29 : USA/Mexico – ‘Del Rio’

December 4, 2020

preorder (first 200 on brown opaque vinyl ) : 12XU Bandcamp ‘Del Rio’ is the third album from the Austin triumvirate of guitarist Craig Clouse (Shit and Shine), bassist Nate Cross (Marriage, Expensive Shit) and drummerKing Coffey (Butthole Surfers) and the band’s first release to feature vocals from Colby Brinkman (Taverner).  While their two prior […]

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Coming December 4 : Voice Imitator – ‘Plaza’

November 5, 2020

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