• Coming April 29 : Water Damage – ‘Repeater’

    Repeater by Water Damage stream “Reel 5B” / preorder ‘Repeater’ Water Damage – ‘Repeater’ (12XU 133-1) out April 29, 2022 There is something really special about music based on drones. Whether it’s the vocals of Pandit Pran Nath, the ARP 2500 of Eliane Radigue, or the nearly-blown amps of Sunn O))), by changing the listeners’s […]

  • Coming April 29 : Winged Wheel – ‘No Island’

    No Island by Winged Wheel (stream “Monsella” / preorder ‘No Island’) Winged Wheel – ‘No Island’ (12XU 134-1) Winged Wheel is made up of four musicians whose worlds have intersected for years without them ever all being in the same room. Cory Plump (Spray Paint, Expensive Shit), Whitney Johnson (Matchess, Damiana), Fred Thomas (Tyvek, Idle […]

  • Lewsberg – ‘In Your Hands’

      Lewsberg – In Your Hands (12XU 137-1)  (available via all digital services Friday, October 29 2021, LP coming in early 2022) Sometimes change comes with big shocks, sometimes it comes with small steps. On ‘In Your Hands’, Lewsberg’s new album, a bit of both seems to be happening. Take the second song, ‘The Corner’. […]

  • Coming September 17 : Florry – ‘Big Fall’

    Big Fall by Florry Gram Parsons coined the phrase “Cosmic American Music” to describe the synthesis of country, blues, rock and soul that he traded in. Sheridan Frances ‘Francie’ Medosch wouldn’t be born for another 28 years after Parsons’ 1973 death, but that Cosmic American sound was waiting for her all the same. On ‘Big […]

  • Coming May 7 : The Dead Space – ‘Chlorine Sleep’

    Chlorine Sleep by The Dead Space After a six-year absence, The Dead Space returns with “Chlorine Sleep”. Recorded days before their breakup in 2015, this album marks a turning point, both for its the trio of Quin Galavis, Garrett Haden and Jenny Arthur, as well as for their collective scene in Austin, Texas. (photo : […]

  • Coming March 5 : John Sharkey III – ‘Shoot Out The Cameras’

    Written and recorded amidst the devastating bushfires which ravaged his adopted hometown Canberra, just before the wave of pandemic broke, Shoot Out The Cameras reveals John Sharkey III to be a master craftsman; honing in on the existential dread of living in a burning world, and the imperative to find beauty in what remains. Shoot […]

  • Saturday, January 19 : 12XU XXXMas Stare-At-A-Screen Special With Blank Hellscape, Chris Brokaw, John Sharkey III and Unholy Two

    Later today,performances by Blank Hellscape, Chris Brokaw, John Sharkey III and Unholy Two, all filmed at remote locations in only the safest of methods. twitch.tv/12XUrecs please consider a donation to Austin’s Casa Marianella. Replay on Saturday 12/26

  • Coming January 29 : USA/Mexico – ‘Del Rio’

    preorder (first 200 on brown opaque vinyl ) : 12XU Bandcamp ‘Del Rio’ is the third album from the Austin triumvirate of guitarist Craig Clouse (Shit and Shine), bassist Nate Cross (Marriage, Expensive Shit) and drummerKing Coffey (Butthole Surfers) and the band’s first release to feature vocals from Colby Brinkman (Taverner).  While their two prior […]

  • Coming January 15 : Chris Brokaw – ‘Puritan’

    (photo : Anthony Saffery) Chris Brokaw is the consummate underground rock musician. In a career spanning thirty-plus years he has been in countless bands (Come, Charnel Ground, Codeine, The Lemonheads, to name a few) has been a sideman with everyone from Thurston Moore to GG Allin, pounded countless stages on nonstop tours, and played on […]

  • Coming December 4 : Voice Imitator – ‘Plaza’

    “Adult Performer”, from the album ‘Plaza’ Voice Imitator is the collaborative project of Per Bystrom, Justin Fuller, Mark Groves, and Leon O’Regan. All four have been active as part of numerous, cross-genre ventures in the Australian underground for many years. Bystrom has offered a rhythmic heart for Exhaustion and Leather Towel, whilst further expanding on […]